CASYMIR is based on the latest generation of databases – it runs on all modern IT systems. CASYMIR is programmed and continuously improved using modern developer tools (CASE), the database system SYBASE and the SQL language.
The platform-independent basis of the client/server solution facilitates the continuous modernisation of all systems.
CASYMIR is up to all modern requirements, such as e.g. secured external access via the internet, data exchange with third-party apps, redundant accountancy, virtualization, all the way to outsourcing of the complete solution.
Though its unique system architecture combined with periodical CASYMIR updates, the system will remain up to date for decades, regardless of constantly changing technology.


There are few requirements to run CASYMIR. All workstations should be connected to the application and database servers. Servers can operate on Windows, Linux, Unix and others. Server plants are optimally dimensioned by our specialists based on a quantity structures. Requirements on clients are low, we recommend the use of PCs, Macs, Linux-clients, Citrix or Terminal Server Clients or workstations equipped with a common operating system. CASYMIR is therefore also suitable for heterogeneous system environments.

Safety components

Data safety and protection are important aspects that have been incorporated into the conception of CASYMIR. Data backups can be made as often as required using permanent backup devices. Replication and decentralized data storage as well as refined software techniques make data loss virtually impossible.
Data protection is ensured by a hierarchical user privilege administration. All transactions, such as editing or reading of data, can be restricted separately. Access rights are attributed on various stages. Therefore, there are rights for individual users, user groups, administrators, etc. This assignment allows to reproduce the responsibilities and authorizations within a company.
These are the most important components :
   Data backup during operational business.
   Maintenance during operational system.
   Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
   High data security – even in the case of power failure
   Database Disk Mirroring, optionally, SAN
   Optimum use of multiprocessors or multicore hardware
   Clustering, Hot Standby Server

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